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SISU Technologies

Web and Graphic Design

Project Description

I worked at SISU Technologies, a startup that designs and develops digital solutions. I designed the company’s website, many apps for our clients and one app for SISU. (The website was redesigned, so the current website is not made by me)

I designed our website and coded it (HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP). It is responsive and compatible with every major browser. You can see the website, with more information on SISU Technologies, our services and a few of our projects at

Project Details

Date  2013 – 2014
Skills Front End Development, Graphic Design, UI Design, Usability Testing

Sisu Responsive Website

SISU App Installer

At SISU, one of the in-house projects we developed was SISU App Installer, which we used to let our clients test our applications while they are in the development process. I designed it and coded the HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. Compatible with iOS and Android.

SISU App Installer