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Blurring the lines between toys and screens

Project Description

Ziff is a space explorer, that travels to faraway planets to save her lost friends. Game and toy for children aged 5 to 8, Ziff is an exploration on tangible interfaces for children. It’s a physical toy that you can build and play with on screen. Ziff’s abilities are defined through different tangible configurations which appear virtually. The toy also acts as a controller throughout the game.

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This project will be showcased at GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco in March 2016.
It was selected for alt.ctrl.GDC, the on-site showcase of alternative control schemes and interactions in games.



Desgined and developed by:  Alejandra Molina

Collaborations: artwork by Line Birgitte Borgensen, music by Nicklas Nygren

Context: Final Project at Copenhagen Institute for Interaction Design

Project advisors: Jakob Bak, David Gauthier, Ishac Bertrán

Project Details

Date  December 2015
Skills Interaction Design, Research, Prototyping, Physical Computing, Coding, Game Design, Product Design.

The Process

Ziff was developed as a personal final project for a Masters in Interaction Design at CIID. It was an 8 week project, and if you want to read more about the process, please read this blog post.